For years I dreamed of a space for sharing my love of natural dyes, a place for creativity and experimentation.

I dreamed of workshops where space, resources, tools and equipment would be used by participants following their own dreams. Quality dyestuffs, responsibly sourced, would be provided, and crafters would be able to dye quantities of materials for their own projects.

This space has become a reality, The Outdoor Studio.

Becky Blake


Meet Becky

Becky Blake has been spinning and dyeing since 1985 and has been a member of Clotho’s Handspinners since that time.  She has demonstrated natural dyeing in several Colonial Era venues, State Fair of Virginia, and Meadow Farm.  She has led acid, fiber reactive and natural dyeing workshops for many groups over the years, but her real love is natural dyeing.  "Make a strong dye pot and work it 'til there's no more color" is her motto.

Some of her time has been spent researching, comparing, and analyzing old and new dye recipes, experimenting to extract as much color as possible from each dye pot. This continues to be her passion and quest. She would love to share her experience and knowledge with you so you would love natural dyeing too.





I was wondering if I could hire you for a workshop on historic dyeing methods highlighted by indigo. I know your work well and would be thrilled to work with you again.
— S. McKelvey, Dec 2017
Thank you for a wonderful dye class on Saturday. I know many of us are looking forward to the guild meeting tonight so we can show off our treasurers. Many of us are looking forward to hearing about any future dye classes you may be conducting.
— D. Henderson, Jun 2017
You are amazing…so generous with sharing your knowledge! Please consider doing some more dyeing classes…I’d surely be interested.
— E. Swartz, Oct 2016
Thanks Becky! I really enjoyed today. Had a great time and now as I’m reading the handouts am understanding better the things that went well and the problems in my own dye bath.
— C. Ohle, Oct 2016
Thank you so much for the indigo dyeing class. I had a wonderful time learning about and dyeing with indigo!
— A. Anderson, Oct 2017
I enjoyed learning about indigo with you on Sunday at the Fiber Festival. Please add me to your mailing list for future workshops.
— F. Freimark, Oct 2017