Unraveling the Mystery of the Indigo Vat

This is a one-day (5 hour) class suitable for beginners. Using ingredients available at the grocery store each participant will build an indigo vat in a gallon jar and dye up to a pound of their own goods plus take home jar and ingredients for making another vat. Workbook provided.   $70 


Intensive Indigo (2-Day Workshop)

Emphasis will be on preparing, troubleshooting, and renewing vats using various recipes and chemicals, for protein fibers the first day, and cellulose fibers on day two. Day one will explore Pre-reduced Indigo, the Lye/Thiox Vat, the Washing Soda/Dye Remover Vat, and the Fermentation Vat, and Woad if it can be found.  You will be able to dye up to a pound of goods each day.  No mordant required.  Day two will focus on two Vats suitable for cellulose fibers only: the Lime/Zinc Vat, and the Lime/Ferrous Vat.  These vats have been traditionally been used for layering color to achieve deep blues. Suggestion: You might want to consider a Dye-Lishus Pre-stitched Nui Shibori Scarf Blank from New World Textiles for day two. Workbook provided.  $70/day* 

     *Participants may choose to take one or both days. 10% discount when you register for both days.

Explore Natural Dyes

Intro to Natural Dyeing Workshop

Intro is a one day workshop suitable for beginners and those wanting to learn more about the natural dye process.  We will explore the mordanting process; red, yellow, and blue dyes; over-dyeing and rinsing, in order to achieve a wide range of colors.  Participants will be able to dye up to a pound of their own protein fibers in this 6 hour class. $70.

Roadside Weeds, Garden Plants & Kitchen Waste

Dye up to a pound of your own protein fibers in this fun workshop using what nature provides: Queen Anne's Lace, Goldenrod, Red & Yellow Onionskins, Avocado Pits, garden plants and flowers. There will be lots of shades of yellow, gold, orange, pink. There will be at least five dye pots, plus Indigo for over dyeing. No workbook provided for this class.  $50

Red Dyes

Red Dye Workshop

Learn the history of red dyes, make mordant and dye baths, and explore the range of colors possible from Madder, Brazilwood, and Cochineal in a one day workshop, suitable for beginners.  Participants can dye up to a pound of their own protein or cellulose fiber, yarn or fabric using selected mordants for a variety of shades.  $70


Group Discounts

Note:  If you have a group of 6 - 8 who want to participate in a workshop you can receive a 20% discount on the workshop fee. Please email for details.