Unraveling the Mystery of the Indigo Vat




Using ingredients available at the grocery store each participant will build an indigo vat in a gallon jar and dye up to a pound of their own goods, – wool, silk, cotton, or linen.  Participants will learn to take measurements to avoid vat troubles, learn to trouble shoot when problems arise, and become empowered to successfully build their own indigo vat.



This is a one-day (5 hour) class suitable for beginners.  As time allows we will explore some resist techniques. Each participant will go home with their gallon jar indigo vat and supplies for renewing or making another vat.



Materials included in workshop fee: 

  • All dyes and chemicals
  • Tags for dye goods
  • Workbook with recipes, instructions, and other handouts
  • Coffee, tea, and bottled water

Supply list (participant must bring):

  • Clean washed wetted cellulose fiber (1# dry weight)
  • Rubber gloves
  • Apron
  • Plastic bucket
  • Plastic zip lock bags for wet fibers and fabric
  • Bag lunch

$70 per day.  

Class limited to 8 participants.